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CMAS World Championships

The competition will take place in Tomsk (Russia) from 03 July to 13 July 2020. Only national federation teams affiliated to the CMAS are eligible to compete in the competition. Each national team should respect the championships rules, the safety conditions set by the organizers and the CMAS rules and regulations.


Each country may enter no more than two (2) swimmers for each distance and one (1) relay team. The entries must reach CMAS headquarters within the time limits set by the CMAS rules on (§ Point &4 of CMAS Procedures) World and Continental Championships will be organized over four (4) days and eight (8) sessions. The qualifying heats are scheduled in the morning and finals in the afternoon except 400 IM, 800 SF and 1500 SF slow heats in the morning and fast heat in the afternoon. For this reason, it’s requested to the national federations to send to the CMAS HQ the official protocols of all national selection competitions in delay maximum of two weeks after the competitions (in one of the three CMAS languages). Thus, times of enrollments of the swimmers will be checked for CMAS championships. If the protocols aren’t transmitted in this deadline, times of corresponding enrollments will be cancelled and the athletes will be engaged with time 00:00:00.

Technical Delegate according to the CMAS rules.

According to the CMAS rules and regulations.

According to the CMAS rules.

Organising committee guarantees to provide doping control according to the CMAS and WADA rules.

Only compressed air without oxygen enrichment is allowed. For pool competitions, the minimum volume of a compressed air cylinder (bottle) is 0.4L (zero point four liter). The maximum filling pressure for the compressed-air cylinders cannot exceed 200 bar (20 MPa). When a cylinder with a flat bottom is used, adding a rounded bottom, which does not exceed the radius of the cylinder, is allowed. All cylinders used must have passed a hydrostatic test less than 2 years before the competition, or even less if it is required by the local legislation. Each cylinder must be presented empty during checking meeting before competition. The organizer guarantees the filling of DIN 200, YOKE cylinders (bottles).
*Bottles equipped DIN could be available to National teams through a written booking request at the time of subscription and in which details about the quantity and wished volumes should be provided.

National teams should bring three (3) national flags (m 2,00 x m. 1,00) and a CD with the national anthem (short version).

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