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TOMSK 20/21

About Tomsk

The city of Tomsk is the administrative center of Tomsk region, Russia, located on the Tom River. The city is the oldest in Siberia and is a major educational, scientific and innovation center that includes 9 universities, 15 research institutes, a special economic zone of technical innovation type and 6 business incubators. Tomsk is a member of the Association of Siberian and Far Eastern cities.
The city is rich in monuments of wooden and stone architecture of XVIII-XX centuries.
The city’s population is 575 352 people (2019).

Sights of Tomsk
The unique monuments of Russian architecture are the main historical value of Tomsk. Among the variety of buildings are world-scale sights.
The building of Tomsk State University, a true example of classicism, is among the outstanding attractions. Tomsk is particularly known to have a lot of old buildings made of wood. Tomsk has managed to preserve entire blocks of artistically valuable wooden architecture, parts of streets and houses.

The city has a number of green areas (parks, gardens, groves). Most of them are concentrated in the city center: Lagerniy Garden, City Garden, Siberian Botanical Garden, University Grove, Novosobornaya square, Buff-garden, Igumen park, and others.

The climate of the Tomsk region is continental with warm summers and cold winters, sharp weather changes in a relatively short period of time (a few days or even hours). In autumn light frost comes, but even after the first frost the weather might become nice and warm for a few weeks. This is called “Indian summer”.

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