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TOMSK 20/21

About Tomsk Region

Tomsk Region is located in the geographical center of Siberia and belongs to the Siberian Federal District. The city of Tomsk is the administrative center of Tomsk Region, with the population of the former exceeding 500 thousand people. Founded as a military fortress in 1604, Tomsk became the stronghold of the Russian exploration of Siberia. Nowadays the area of the region is 314.4 thousand km2, its total population is 1034.9 thousand people. 

Tomsk Region is an industrially developed territory. Its industrial sector is dominated by oil and gas extraction industry, chemical, petrochemical and electric power industries as well as instrument making and metal processing. Dynamic development of oil and gas sector is one of prerequisites of sustainable development of the regional economy. Tomsk Region is among top oil and gas producing regions in Russia.

Tomsk Region authorities are aspiring to provide the Region’s citizens with the best quality of life in Siberia relying on the model of intensive development. Our region has reached a lot in the last three years in the field of economy diversification. Innovation activity has become an integral part of almost all the branches of the regional economy.

The annual growth of the innovation output constitutes 10-15%. Key per capita indicators of small and medium size business development make Tomsk Region one of the Russian champions in this area.

Tomsk Region may also boast strong research and educational complex. Tomsk State University, founded in 1878, is the oldest university in the Asian part of Russia, National Research Tomsk State and Tomsk Polytechnic Universities are in the 5-100 Federal Project aiming to promote a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and educational market.

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